Lady Cosa Nostra Impero

Registered Name: Lady Cosa Nostra Impero

Breeder: Aleksa Pavković

Owner: Giacomo Calcara

Kennel: Cosa Nostra Impero

Sire: Aj Artillery's Party Boy

Dam: Ban Black Dream Long Step

Sex: female

Date of Birth: 10 May 2013

Land of Birth: Serbia

Land of Standing: Verona / Italia

Size: 47 cm

Weight: 27Kg

Colour: Striped and White

Distinguishing Features:



Ataxia: CLEAR

Displasia: Hd a Ed 0

Il Pedigree

Lady Cosa Nostra Impero ATAXIA CLEAR // Hd a Ed 0

Lady Cosa Nostra Impero

-Lady Cosa Nostra Impero - /Breeder "Aleksa Pavković"/Owner "Calcara Giacomo"

Aj Artillery's Party Boy

-MBISS/BIS AKC GCH Aj Artillery's Party Boy-

Ban black dream long step

-BISS/INT. MULTI CH Ban black dream long step-

Playmaker's Cotton Dragon

-MULTI CH Playmaker's Cotton Dragon-

Icewood EZ CMon Baby

-Icewood EZ CMon Baby-

Black Bandido go Long Step

-CHSRB, CHBG,J.CH.SRB Black Bandido go Long Step-

Ban Dream Long Step

-Ban Dream Long Step-

RUCH YUCH Old Mountain's Shoshoni

-RUCH YUCH Old Mountain's Shoshoni-

Alfa Diva Sting

-Alfa Diva Sting-

Jelineks Fantastic Boy

-Jelineks Fantastic Boy-

Wanna Diva Sting

Wanna Diva Sting-

Power Long Step


Fani Long Step

-Fani Long Step-

Builder's Best Heavenly Rider Long Step

-MULTI CH. BISS CH. Builder's Best Heavenly Rider Long Step-

Keti od 1300 Kaplara

-CH Keti od 1300 Kaplara-

Linebreeding - 5 generations Inbreeding coefficient
Father - Mother Who Wright's Hardiman's
4 - 5CH Mlader's Mad Max 00.39% 02.93%