Registered Name: Night Cardenas

Breeder: David Cardenas

Owner: Giacomo Calcara

Kennel: Cardenas Kennel

Sire: Devil Fighter St Sam Cardenas

Dam: MULTI CH Kanock Glare My Way Cardenas

Sex: female

Date of Birth: 19 May 2013

Land of Birth: Messico

Land of Standing: Verona / Italia

Size: 48 cm

Weight: 28 Kg

Colour: Black and White

Distinguishing Features:



Ataxia: CLEAR

Il Pedigree

Night Cardenas ATAXIA CLEAR

JCh Amstaff Style Caramella

-Night Cardenas- /Breeder "David Cardenas"/Owner "Calcara Giacomo"

Devil Fighter St Sam Cardenas

-Devil Fighter St Sam Cardenas -

Kanock Glare My Way Cardenas

-MULTI CH Kanock Glare My Way Cardenas -

Rainbowfire Electra Glide

-BIS CH Rainbowfire Electra Glide-

Mistique Diaz

-CH Mistique Diaz-

Fraja NE RED Cloud

-Fraja NE RED Cloud-

Kanock Elektra Thunder Fraja

-Kanock Elektra Thunder Fraja-

Fraja NE Ticketmaster

-CH Fraja NE Ticketmaster-

Berg Donner's Beauty

-BIS BOSS CH Berg Donner's Beauty -

Silent War

-AM/MEX/GNDMEX/INT CH Silent War (Coca)-

African Queen Coca

African Queen Coca -

Fraja EC Thunder Cloud

-CH Fraja EC Thunder Cloud -

Fraja NE First Things First

-CH Fraja NE First Things First-

Fraja NE Dark Thunder

-INT CH, MULTI CH Fraja NE Dark Thunder-

Unigo Electra Pied Fraja

-Unigo Electra Pied Fraja-

Linebreeding - 5 generations Inbreeding coefficient
Father - Mother Who Wright's Hardiman's
4 - 4CH Fraja NE Flirtation DNA 00.79% 03.91%
        ↳5 - 5        ↳CH Fraja NE Bodacious
        ↳5 - 5,5        ↳AM. CH. Fraja EC Ready To Rock
5 - 4BIS BISS INT CH Fraja EC Gold Standard, CGC ATAXIA CARRIER I OFA-HD FAIR I MT 246P 00.42% 04.69%